Beaded Jewelry Making Tools For Trendy Necklace Designs

January 23, 2018

Beaded Jewelry Making Tools For Trendy Necklace Designs

Beaded jewelry making tools can help you make great necklaces for any occasion. Beaded necklaces are fun to design and can give you a unique edge when accessorizing outfits for the office or important events. If you are just getting started, this quick list of beading design tools will give you an idea of what is commonly used to create beaded jewelry.

You won't need all of this for every beading pattern so you may want to just get what you need pattern-by-pattern if purchasing it all upfront is too expensive.


There are many different types of pliers and they are used in forming your jewelry as well as other duties. The most commonly purchased options are crimping pliers and chain nose pliers. You may also find round nose pliers useful for working with loops in your patterns.

Cutting Tools

You will need a standard pair of crafting scissors to cut string as well as wire cutters or nippers for thicker wire. The higher quality wire you work with the more you will need wire cutters or nippers as scissors won't be very effective. Flush cutters will give you one flat side on the wire which is useful in some projects as well.


There are many different types of tweezers and just as many ways to use them. You may want to purchase some just to have on hand as you never know when they may come in handy.


A beading awl will be invaluable when you mess up and have to get rid of a knot.


These look sort of like springs and are used to hold the ends of your string so the beads slip down and don't fall off the string. They aren't essential, but they can speed up the beading process by avoiding beading slip-offs.

Beading Needles

Needles are used to help when stringing very small beads and once again there are different types to be used in different situations.


You need adhesives to hold beads and other elements of the jewelry in place as well as to cover knots so they do not slip open. You will need crafting glue known as E6000 as well as others that are very strong. Children may be able to use school glue or glue sticks, but that should not be trusted for jewelry that you are actually going to wear out of the house.


Note that there are a wide variety of wires available for beading and not all of them are equal. You can get low priced wire at craft stores but they shouldn't be trusted for jewelry you are going to wear out in public. You want to go online and purchase high quality, durable wire that is intended for jewelry that will be worn in real life, not just for show.

You may also need different types of wire for different types of jewelry, such as ear wires for earrings.


Of course! You will need crimp beads to seal off your jewelry as well as specific beads needed for each specific project. You will have a large collection growing soon enough, but for now take it one project at a time or just stock up on things you really like in stores or online. You will find a way to use them!


Find clasps that look good on the jewelry and which are easy to open and shut. 
You will likely want to purchase some type of storage containers to organize all of these beading supplies so they are easy to find when needed.